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What’s the best way to plan my garden?
If you want the perfect garden, then learn and copy how the professionals do it. Ask the experts at Guilford Garden Center to help you formulate a viable plan. With the proper plan, each month, you’ll be enjoying something new. And remember… have fun!

How often should I water my garden and plants?
Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to this question. One indicator is to simply stick your finger in the soil – if it’s dry, your plants are thirsty, and it’s time to water. A rain gauge is a wise investment as well for outdoor plants and flowers, and can also help you decide when to add nutrients, compost and other additives that may be washed away from over-watering.

Should I feed my plants?
Feeding plants can help them to flourish – especially plants and flowers you are growing in containers. Feed them every 4-5 days for the best results. However, remember only to do so when your soil is thoroughly moist – putting food directly onto dry soil can damage your plants.

Are less expensive plants more likely to die?
The cost of a plant does usually indicate the level of its quality and care. Buying plants that look healthy, regardless of whether you get them from a mass merchandiser, grocery store or an independent dealer, is important, but ultimately, the chances of them growing well are up to you. There are many facets of plant health; how they were originally grown, how they were transported and stored and how well they have been cared for since landing on a shelf. Even water quality makes a difference, as does the starter soil. Guilford Garden Center has developed long-term relationships with the best area nurseries, and have very strict standards for our products. Another aspect of our quality is that we buy our plants in smaller quantities than huge hardware and garden centers, so we have the ability to care for them properly until they are “adopted.”

How can I safely get rid of weeds?
While there are many types of weed killers available, there are so many different garden situations that none of them will never take care of all of your weed issues. The best way to get rid of weeds in your garden is to try to prevent them from growing in the first place.Using products containing corn gluten will prevent germination of ANY seeds, including weeds. Ultimately, good old pull still works well – just be sure to pull weeds before they go to seed. Remember that if you are growing vegetables and use chemicals – your final products may become tainted, so organic methods are advised in that case. Call or stop by and tell us about your unique situation. We can help!