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DIY Design Services

We Plan – You Plant is for our customers that are looking to redo their yard in sections or work on a small project. It is not intended for people who are doing their whole landscape at once or who need hardscape, lighting, or grading done. If you want to do your yard yourself, one section at a time, this is for you.

Lead Times

Lead times vary by season. In spring, they can be 4-6 weeks long. At other times, they can be shorter. Ask about our current lead times if you need to schedule something in conjunction with your planting.

Scope Depends On Budget

Before you get started, think about how much you have to spend. Budget controls how much you can do at one time. Be sure and give us an accurate idea of your budget so we can help you maximize it.

When You Approve the Design

  • We won’t give you the digital plan file until we are paid.
  • The digital plan file won’t be given out until after the plants are purchased or we receive a 50% down payment.
  • Schedule a time to come pick up your plants and have help loading.
  • We can deliver the heavier plants for an additional fee.

Need More Help?

Site Consultations can be arranged if you need more help. There is a minimum fee of $150 an hour that is not refundable.

container by porch

Step One

measuring tape

You will need these forms, a camera (phone is okay), and a tape measure to begin.

Step Two


Fill out the questionnaire so that we have the information we need to begin your plan. Sketch your site to scale on graph paper, using one box for each foot. Make sure you include all the major obstacles, such as telephone boxes and rights-of-way. We’d also love to see any of your inspiration photos or examples (if any).

Step Three

Take pictures of the site

Take pictures of the site. Back up about 100 feet and take pictures of the whole area. If you are doing the front yard, for example, take pictures from the street. Take close ups as well of each section.

Step Four


Bring the completed questionnaire and email the pictures to [email protected]

Step Five


Meet with us to receive your design and approve it. If you want changes to the design, you may have to come back more than once.

Step Six


Schedule a time to pick up your plants or have them delivered. If you have a question, we are here to help you.

DIY Design Questionnaire