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You've worked hard to get your garden in the best of shape. Now it's time for the finishing touches. Guilford Garden Center carries a great selection of ceramic pots and planters, globes, garden gnomes and statues, wind chimes, flags and more. We also carry a wide range of bird feeders with some of the best bird feed available, and plenty of garden and seasonal gifts for that special gardener in your life. Visit us today.

Ask us about custom planters! It's what we do!
Let us help you put it all together. Bring us your planter... or we'll come to you! Ask for details.

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Pots, Ceramics and Planters

With a wide array of styles, shapes and colors, Guilford Garden Center can help you bring parts of your garden closer to, and, in some cases in your home. We carry clay, painted ceramic, wooden and other planters, hangers, sill boxes and more. Ask us about the best way to prepare, blend, water and irrigate planter soil.

Garden Globes, Statues and Gnomes

Add a unique finishing touch and a bit of personality to your yard and gardens with statues and garden sculptures. Ranging from ceramic molds to resin characters and metal plaques, Guilford Garden's landscape décor includes angels, fairies, gargoyles, gnomes and animal statues of all sizes and varieties.

Bird Seed and Bird Feeders

Different birds are attracted to different types of feeders and also to specific types of feed. Attract your favorite birds, no matter the season, with top-shelf seed and classic and attractive feeders. We've also learned a thing or two about bird safety and how to repel squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons - even deer!

Chimes, Flags, Crystals and Gifts

Embellish the sweet sounds, smells and sights of the best landscapes and garden areas with a variety of wind chimes, seasonal and other flags, window crystals and yard- and garden-related gift items. We also have wind spinners, whirlygigs and other wind-powered sculptures to make it easy for you to make your home and your yard as individual as you are.

Watering and Hydro-Control

Although different plants require different amounts of water to maximize growth, a basic rule is to ensure your garden, flowers and cover receive at least 1" of water per week through rain and irrigation. Today's watering and irrigation systems are sophisticated and can be set to varying levels and times. It starts with a simple rain gauge. Ask us for information.

Seasonal Gifts and Gift Cards

If you love gardening, you know others who do as well. Guilford Garden Center carries a wide assortment of seasonal, holiday and other gift items that are perfect for the gardener in your life. The next time you're looking for the perfect birthday, anniversary or holiday gift, think of Guilford Garden Center. Also check out our garden-related greeting cards.


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