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Guilford Garden Center carries a wide range of top-quality flowers, veggies, shrubs, trees and more. We also have what you need to make your garden looking its best, including soils, pest control, fertilizers, and garden tools and apparel.

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Annual and Perennial Flowers

Flowers can bring your yard to life. Whether lining natural paths or defining natural areas, flowers are the icing on your home's landscaping. Since some are annual (needing to be planted each year) and others are perennials (returning each year), it's important to choose wisely for placement in the right areas.

Garden Vegetables and Herbs

North Carolina offers a long and prosperous growing season for most types of vegetables, herbs and spices. That's why so many people in the Triad grow their own vegetables, herbs and spices right in their backyard. Beyond the advantage of eliminating harmful additives, growing your own vegetables saves money.

Cover Plants, Shrubs and Trees

While flowers improve the look of your home, one cornerstone of a perfect landscape is the use of trees, cover plants and shrubbery. The right plan will give your home a wide variety of colors throughout the year, cooling shade in the hot summer months, and wind protection and insulation during the chill of winter.

Top Quality Seeds and Bulbs

The right seeds and bulbs are important to any garden. We carry only top quality seed – some sold by the pound – for a wide range of flowers and vegetables, and only the best quality bulbs. We carry plenty of popular items for vegetable gardens like tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, spices and more.

Gloves, Hats and Garden Tools

While tending to your garden, it's important that you have the right gear. And we're not just talking rakes, shovels and hoses. From shade-bearing hats to the right pair of gloves to sturdy knee pads and more, we have the perfect type of equipment to help you take care of yourself - as well as you take care of your garden.

Soil Treatments and Fertilizers

Having the right soil blend is perhaps the most important thing you can do for your garden. Plants thrive in soil with the proper elements, organic matter, balanced pH and the right amount of water and drainage. We carry a wide range of soil and soil additives and can help you choose the perfect fit for your garden.


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