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Aerating the soil with small holes allows air, water and important nutrients and fertilizers to penetrate the soil and reach grass roots. Healthy roots grow better and produce a greener and more luxurious lawn. Whether or not you aerate each year, all yards need regular treatments. Fertilizer, grub, weed and pest control and pH balancing treatments are critical to make sure your yard is healthy and green. It's very important to understand the many different types of lawn treatments. Knowing what to apply and when equally important and can make all the difference in the appearance of your lawn.
Let Guilford Garden & Lawn aerate and treat your yard each year.
It's the single most important thing you can do for your lawn!

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Aerating has two basic principles: Cut slits or poke holes into the ground with what is called a spike, or pull "plugs" out of your yard with a what is called a plug aerator. Both methods can be effective, but we have found that core plug aerating delivers the best results. Not only does it create water and nutrient-holding holes, but it also leaves plugs on the yard that break down , providing extra nutrition to grass roots. There are things to prepare for to properly plug your yard. One of the most important is understanding the moisture content of the soil. Too wet, and you have a big , sloppy mess. Too dry, and the holes don't dig deep enough. Another aspect is not doing too much. Let us plug your yard for you. Professional plugging usually costs about the same as renting a machine.

50 years
Fertilization and yard treatments make all the difference in a yard's performance and overall appearance. If you ever see lush, green grass, you can rest assured that it has been properly treated - and in multiple applications. The real trick is to know what to put down and when. For instance, some people will overseed, and then within weeks, lay down a weed killer. This actually can kill the grass they just planted. Sometimes a yard can become infested with grubs and beetles. Applying just the right amount of treatments for these pests is critical for the safety of your family and your pets. Let Guilford Garden & Lawn takes care of all your lawn care needs. We'll make sure your grass is healthy and strong... and is greener on YOUR side of the fence!


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