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Nothing can be more important to your lawn and plants than having the right amount of water. One inch of water per week is suggested from a combination
of rain and hand watering. Depending on the temperature, it's best to have a day of water and a day of rest. Newer, more gentle plants may require less water... but more frequency. Invest in rain gauges to monitor total water amounts and to help keep you and your plants on track.
We can show you how to use your water to its maximum. Contact us today to learn more - and to keep your yard and garden happy.
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Water is the most important element to successful lawns and other areas around your home. But watering too little - or too much - can cause plants to be stunted, weak and subject to disease. Every yard is a bit different. Things to consider include the soil's absorption rate, the area's proximity to sunlight, wind and drainage areas and, the makeup of the soil and more. To truly allow your lawn, gardens, and flower beds to achieve maximum growth, you should seek the right "balance." Soils that are high in organic matter, for instance, are quite nutritious and hold water longer. Shallow root plants may not be best to place near deep rooted shrubs. Let us show you the best way to get your lawn, garden and plant beds performing to their maximums.

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Proper water management isn't just for lawns, gardens and flower beds, but plays an critical role for shrubs and natural areas as well. Since most flowers, plants and shrubs have different root systems, it's important to know who much water it takes to reach the plant's roots. Guilford Garden Center carries a wide range of water management products including basic, drip and soaker hoses and a full range of sprayers, sprinklers, timers and rain gauges. Regardless of the size and number of your gardens, beds and natural areas, water management should be properly planned and properly implemented for maximum results. With over 50 years of experience, Guilford Garden Center can help answer any questions you may have.


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