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Nothing can increase the beauty of a home than having the right blend of plants and flowers. And it's not just about colors and beautiful fragrances.
Some plants help prevent too much runoff, others can naturally repel pests, some can help provide shading and others acts as natural fences.
If you like, Guilford Garden Center will ask a few questions, determine your needs and then suggest a plan of what to plant and when to plant it.
We take our business as seriously as we take earning yours.
Our personalized service is unmatched in the industry, and it shows.
50 years
A beautiful home requires much more than simply choosing some plants. While a properly planned home can increase its beauty and value with the right selection and location of various plants and shrubs, the opposite can be true of a home if it is not properly planned and starts to look overgrown and messy. Guilford Garden Center will help you make the right choices, and not for just right now, but also thinking in terms of long-term plant lifecycle. Different types of plants also need different care, such as pruning, trimming and irrigation, We live and breath this business and love nothing more than giving advice and suggestions based on your needs.

50 years
Everybody loves the colors and fragrances that flowers can bring to life. Whether lining a natural path or defining natural areas, flowers are the icing on your home's landscaping. Since some are annual (needing to be planted each year) and others are perennials (return each year after a dormant cycle), it's important - almost like a puzzle - to make the right selections and to place them in the right areas. It's literally a planting "strategy," and we can help. Ask us for a plan that suits your home in every season, with minimal work...
and maximum results.

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