Hot Plants in 2011

Remove one letter from the above heading, and this would become a totally different blog article!

Just like clothing, however, it’s nice to keep on top of what the latest trends are in the plant world, and while not all the plants we will highlight in this post are new this year, all of them are worth being on the lookout for if you weren’t familiar with them before.

Purple Haze

New Lo&Behold Buddleia

purple haze buddleiaNo, we’re not talking about a song here. It’s the latest introduction in the “Lo & Behold” series of Butterfly Bushes. ‘Purple Haze’ has a low, spreading habit, and beautiful purple-blue blossoms.
Unlike many other Buddleias this cultivar will not spread seeds. Meaning it will grow where it’s planted, not 300 feet down the yard!

Bella Anna

New Pink Annabelle Type Hydrangea

bella anna hydrangeaWe have always been really impressed with the Hydrangeas that come from the Endless Summer collection, and we expect ‘Bella Anna’ won’t disappoint!
This is a pink Annabelle type Hydrangea, with large mop-head blossoms.
Just like the other plants in the series, ‘Bella Anna’ will bloom on old as well as new wood, giving continuous blossoms throughout the Summer and into Fall. We’re also hoping that it will have nice sturdy stems like the other plants in the Endless Summer series, to support the beautiful, large pink blossoms.

Lil’ Kim

A Dwarf Hibiscus

Lil Kim HibiscusYou would be forgiven for thinking that we’re on a mission to introduce you to various musical styles in this post, but we don’t pick these cultivar names!
Rose of Sharon have always been beloved for their prolific blossoms, putting on an show through the hot Summer months. The big problem, however, has been that they can get too big for many spaces. That’s where this little beauty comes in.
Lil’ Kim is indeed, as the name implies, a dwarf Rose of Sharon that tops out at around 5′.
It’s still, however, just as prolific a bloomer as other Rose of Sharon, and is hardy down to zone 5.

Little Lime

Dwarf Limelight Hydrangea

Little Lime HydrangeaHere’s another hugely popular plant that got “downsized” to make it more suitable for smaller spaces.
Little Lime has all the great characteristics that make it’s bigger cousin such a popular landscape addition. Large, late Summer blooms that start out white, then turn to a beautiful chartreuse green, and finally mature with a pinkish tinge. The blossoms last well into the Fall, making them a standout in the Autumn garden. It’s also a very hardy plant, and can stand more sun than many other types of Hydrangea.
Yes, Little Lime has all this, but with a much smaller stature. It will generally not get much bigger than about 3-4′.

Fireworks Fountain Grass

A fiery Pennisetum

Fireworks Fountain GrassMost of us have, by now, become familiar with the beautiful red Fountain grass that has been used in containers and landscapes during the Summer to provide a dramatic splash. Well, ‘Fireworks’ takes that drama one step further with variegation that gives it it’s well deserved name.
Absolutely stunning hues of pinks, reds, and purples can be seen on this beauty throughout the Summer months, on a grass that will reach a height of about 2′ tall.
Use it in the center of your next container arrangement for a truly “wow” display.

Stephanotis floribunda

Madagascar Jasmine

Stephanotis floribundaNeed to punch up the fragrance in and around your abode? This plant will certainly do it!
The Madagascar Jasmine makes for a great patio plant during the Summer months, but can also be brought indoors during cooler weather.
The pristine white, star shaped blossoms are often used for bridal bouquets. Another good use for them is to float them in a bowl of water to add a lovely fragrance to any room in the house.
In nature this vine can get large, but it can be easily kept at a smaller size in our region.

Burgundy Mandevilla

A new color of Mandevilla

Burgundy MandevillaMandevilla are a popular Summer annual in our region because of the super show of blossoms they produce throughout the Summer season.
Now, there’s a new color to add to the great choices that were already available.
The new burgundy color introduced by Sun Parasol adds a classy look to mixed containers, or looks splendid planted all on it’s own climbing up a trellis. It is definitely a different take than the usual reds and pinks associated with Mandevilla.
If you have light colored siding on your house this color would definitely pop when planted close to the house.

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